A well cleaned and disinfected living environment is very valuable for your animals. Pathogens are killed and your animals stay healthy and vital, which means they perform better. And newborn animals make a good start without immediately picking up infections.

MS Megades Novo is a very powerful decontamination product for use in animal housing and hoof baths. It foams powerfully and penetrates deep into the pores of surfaces.

A germ free living environment is of great importance for your animals’ health. The animals, their housing and materials should all be clean. Good decontamination is only possible after proper pre-cleaning. You can realize significant reduction in pathogen pressure if you use the proper method of application.

MS Megades Novo:

  • A deep-acting disinfectant foam, especially for livestock farming;
  • Destroys bacteria and viruses;
  • Does not erode the materials;
  • Works perfectly on rough or porous substrates (e.g. wood and concrete).

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