Less sick animals.
How can I achieve this?

The best answer is MS Megades Novo

A healthy livestock farm starts with sound health management. Two things play an indispensable role in this process: keeping germs outside the (stable) door and preventing cross-contamination (as much as possible). Therefore, disinfect your animal housing and transport equipment regularly and thoroughly. A concentrated and especially long-acting disinfectant will help you greatly with this process. Long-lasting foam can be far more effective than a stronger agent that washes away immediately. With this in mind, we have developed MS Megades Novo, together with livestock farmers.

MS Megades Novo:

  • A deep-acting disinfectant foam, especially for livestock farming;
  • Destroys bacteria, yeasts, and viruses;
  • Does not erode the materials;
  • Works perfectly on rough or porous substrates (e.g. wood and concrete).

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